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Finally Recover from Divorce and Infidelity
And Live The Life Of Your Dreams


I Believe That We Should Never Let Divorce and Infidelity Hold Us Back From Living The Life Of Our Dreams

Are you sick and tired of being negatively affected by your divorce ?  

Do you feel constantly over-whelmed and feel as it you are getting hit from every angle ? 

Are you struggling with sleepless nights and flash backs

Are you stuck in a rut and living from hangover to hangover ? 

Are you looking for real advice on recovering from divorce and infidelity besides "get drunk and join tinder"

Do you know deep down that's there's so much more your life can be but don't know how to get there ? 

Do you worry about being a positive  role model and father to your kids ? 



"Having Clint’s from’s insight, mateship and guidance whilst working thru the most difficult time in my life has been invaluable. Thank you for giving me the tools to find ‘me’ again and to be a better Dad and person"

Queensland, Australia

This Course Is Right For You If You Feel Like You Dream And Deserve The Following In Your Life

✅ You want to finally come to terms with and let go of your divorce and/or your ex partners infidelity

✅ You want to stop feeling overwhelmed and feeling as if you’re getting “hit from every angle”

✅ You are looking for a tried and test framework to help you get your life back together

✅ You want to understand the many “myths about divorce” and learn from those who’ve been through your journey and come out of the other side

✅ You are looking for a safe place and community of like minded men who understand you and where you coming from  

✅  You want to to find a purpose in your life again and be the best version for you 

✅  You want to be the best dad to your kids and want to create life long happy memories with them

So What's Inside
The Recovering From Ground Zero Course ?

Module 1 - Divorce 101

The goal of this module is to help you have a better understanding about divorce which will ultimately help you recover from it.

For humans to evolve, our philosophy is that we need to go through pain.

During divorce and infidelity we have this immense amount of pain that we have to deal with, but that gives us an amazing opportunity to evolve.

In this module we cover the many myths about divorce and focus heavily on the power of your mind and how you can use it to come out the other side a better person.

Awareness is the first start of change, and by reading this you have started that journey. 


Module Overview...

Chapter 1: Welcome and Disclaimer 
Chapter 2: Guided Tour of the Course
Chapter 3: It's your time to shine
Chapter 4: We are the lucky ones … the benefits of pain
Chapter 5: The Power of the Mind
Chapter 6: Anger and the ultimate goal of Acceptance
Chapter 7: 100 % Accountability
Chapter 8: The Victim Role
Chapter 9: The universe and Stuff - What happens if this did actually happened for a reason ?
Chapter 10: The Treadmill Story
Chapter 11: Are you kidding me Mr DJ ?
Chapter 12: The Foil Story
Chapter 13: What does it mean to be Gentle to yourself ?
Chapter 14: The 1 % Rule

Module 2- The Recovery Wheel

This module is solely dedicated to helping you get your mind and body in the correct state so that you finally heal from your divorce. 

The core of this module is Finding Your Why and we dive deep into helping you discover your passion and zest for life.

We understand that right now you may be living in the fight or flight state which we know first hand is near impossible to heal yourself from. 

We have taken a holistic and sustainable approach in putting together The Recovery Wheel and will show you step by step  by implementing small changes into your daily life can make enormous improvements. 

Module Overview...

Chapter1: Introduction
Chapter2: Finding Your Why
Chapter3: Support Structure
Chapter4: Health and Nutrition
Chapter5: Wellness
Chapter6: Coping Strategies

Module 3- Infidelity

This module will discuss different myths about infidelity and also give you coping mechanisms to help you recover and ultimately come to the stage of being thankful.

If you're busy dealing with infidelity then we hear you and get you and understanding intimately the pain you are going through.

If you feeling stupid or ashamed that your partner cheated on you, we need you to know that what you are feeling is normal. In this module talk in-depth about how to make peace with those and many others feeling you may have after been cheated on. 

Module Overview...

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: I’ll hit the next person who says it’s not about me
Chapter 3: The Victim Role
Chapter 4: Stalker Mode
Chapter 5: Flashbacks and Sleepless Nights
Chapter 6: Why him over me ?
Chapter 7: Huh – I still want to be with her ?
Chapter 8: The ultimate goal of being thankful

PLUS Receive The Following BONUSES

Bonus Module 1 - Narcissism

The words Narcissism and Narcissist get thrown around a lot these days... not to mention often misspelt 🙄

If you have an inkling that you are dealing with a narcissistic ex partner then this bonus module is a must.  

In this module we'll take you on a journey of understanding your narcissist to tips and strategies to try and manage them.

We know once you've gone through these videos that, if you are dealing with a narcissist, everything will just make sense and you will be left with your sanity in check. 

We also do some inner work on trying to understand why you attracted a narcissist to ensure that you don't repeat the same pattern again. 

Module Overview...

Chapter1: Narcissism 101
Chapter2: Stay Away From Those Roof Tops
Chapter3: Don’t tell me I have Daddy/Mommy Issues
Chapter4: Respect the Beast
Chapter5: Untangling from their Spell
Chapter6: It’s really not personal
Chapter7: They don’t feel bad… not one bit
Chapter8: Communication Tips and Strategies
Chapter9: You cannot beat crazy

Bonus #2 - 8 One Hour Live Group Coaching Calls

As being part of the Beta program you are lucky to be a part of a very hands on and intimate experience. 

With two calls weekly, every Monday and Friday, for 4 weeks you'll get plenty of hands on time with Clint as he reviews each Module with you and takes your feedback.

This is a unique opportunity, as a Founder member, to help enhance the Recovering from Ground Zero course to benefit others that go on the path after you. 

**All Calls will be recorded and placed in the Members Only Facebook Group for those who cannot make the live calls. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

To give you added peace of mind we are offering a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee, yip no terms or conditions at all. The Recovering from Ground Zero course and community has been put together to help you, not hinder you. We feel so strongly about the positive affect that this course will have for you, if you are willing to put in the work. If you are not there yet, then that’s OK. Get hold of us at and we’ll happily refund you your full purchase amount and be sure to check back within with us when you are ready to put in the work and start the healing process.



Clint had a long and successful career running a global IT consultancy company and is well known globally for his speaking engagements and keynotes.

After 22 years of “being a nerd” Clint shifted his focus to helping men recover from divorce or separation after infidelity.

As a result of his own personal journey, Clint realised that there was no comprehensive framework in place for men to recover and become their best version which led him to start to fill this much needed void.

If Clint’s not speaking somewhere, or podcasting, you’ll find him chasing after his 3 kids. Failing that he’ll definitely be in the ocean somewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Membership gives you life time access to all the content within the course which is:

Video Modules 

Guided Workbooks

Lesson Transcripts

Private Facebook Group


Forever, yes lifetime access 

Yes you can. You can view the course of your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

The course video's are watched online and streamed.

You can download the:

  • MP3 Audio versions of the course to listen in your car or while commuting.
  • Transcripts if you choose to read the lessons 
  • Workbooks 
  • Lesson Summaries


When you buy the course you will immediately be sent a user name and password to access all the content in the course. There is not set time frame to complete the course so you can watch the videos and do the exercises along with them at your own pace. 

We have found that many of the lessons are beneficial to repeat multiple times if you are "stuck" with a certain issue or need reminding of the best way to deal with an issue

All the groups calls will be recorded and placed in the private members area for you to view when you get the time.

If you are struggling with a certain topic and want it to be covered in the Live calls then please email and we'll ensure its covered in the call.

Yes. We feel so strongly about the content and framework as well as the community that if you do not feel you are getting any benefit after 30 days we will refund you in full, no questions asked.

Join the waitlist for the Recovering from Ground Zero Course

Let us have your Email address and we'll let you know as soon as the enrolments open for the next course. Oh and fear not... we hate SPAM as well so won't be sending you any.. 


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